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POLL: Slight Romney Bump Post Ryan

The Purple Poll today issued its first survey taken since Mitt Romney announced that Paul Ryan would be his running mate. They conclude that Romney has enjoyed a bump in popularity, but that their poll shows that naming Ryan was not a "game changer."
Romney’s personal image appears to have improved following the announcement: 45% favorable, 48% unfavorable. While still net unfavorable, this represents a substantial improvement from July, when he was net -8. For the first time in the PurplePoll we tested Obama’s favorability (we have been testing job performance), and we found him to have a very similar rating as Romney: 47% favorable, 49% unfavorable. Taken together, these measures indicate that the vice presidential roll-out has successfully provided modest momentum for the GOP ticket moving toward the convention. For those seeking a game change event (in either direction), this wasn’t it.
Most national polls and their aggregators continue to show a virtual tie in the popular vote, but the president is maintaining a significant Electoral College advantage.

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