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Scamvangelist Bill Keller To File $100M Suit Against SPLC For Hate Group Label

Scamvangelist Bill Keller, who asks people to send him their gold jewelry so that he can convert it into "souls," says he will sue the Southern Poverty Law Center for listing his ministry as an anti-gay and anti-Muslim hate group. Keller has written a press release which he calls an "exclusive interview." (With himself, obviously.)
"The sad shooting the other day at the Family Research Council by a man who supports the radical homosexual agenda, was clearly fueled by the left wing group, the Southern Poverty Law Center. I receive at least 4-5 death threats a month for taking a Biblical stand on issues like homosexuality, the false religion of Islam and other cults, and the fact life begins at conception and choosing to end that life is nothing more than legalized infanticide." Keller went on, "Groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center give license to individuals who oppose a Biblical worldview to take whatever actions they deem fit, even acts of violence, to silence those they disagree with. Sadly, this intimidation has worked, because there are very few like myself who are willing to go into the mainstream media and promote Biblical Truth that a large percentage of society now rejects."
In March Keller claimed that gay celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres and Anderson Cooper were responsible for the suicide of gay Rutgers student Tyler Clementi. Keller, a graduate of Dead Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, is a convicted felon who spent three years in prison for insider trading. Below he attacks President Obama and Mitt Romney, saying that millions of people will go to hell if either is elected. He has launched a "Vote For Jesus" campaign.

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