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Sci-Fi Party Poopers

Gizmodo has published a list of ten science fiction staples that they say will never come to be because of the pesky physical laws of the universe.

1. Lightsabers
2. Human teleportation
3. Time travel
4. Faster than light speed travel
5. Generation ships
6. Gravitational shielding
7. Personal force fields
8. Cryonic reanimation
9. Consciousness uploading
10.Infinite data processing

Gizmodo follows each of the above items with mumbo-jumbo-y explanations that probably read better in the voice of Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Commenters are weighing with the predictable, "Yeah and a hundred years ago they said man would never walk on the moon." Personally I'm most disappointed by the teleportation entry because as we very well know, time travel always results in disaster.

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