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The Smoking Gun Identifies The Minnesota Man Who Set Fire To General Mills' Lawn

The Smoking Gun has identified the douchebag who set fire to a box of Cheerios outside the Minnesota headquarters of General Mills. Flaming cereal bits then ignited the company's lawn and the man and his giggling accomplices fled.
The gay marriage opponent seen in a viral video accidentally setting a fire outside the General Mills headquarters is a Minnesota real estate broker who has previously recorded a series of anti-gay YouTube clips. Michael Leisner, 65, can be seen outside the General Mills corporate campus in Golden Valley. He is carrying a box of Honey Nut Cheerios in one hand and a blowtorch in the other. On Michael Leisner’s YouTube page (Live4Chr1st) he can be seen attacking Representative Barney Frank and Bill Maher, while noting that President Barack Obama has “bent forward to accommodate the sodomites of New York.” He also makes reference to "gay perverts," "fierce faggots," and the "depraved, debasing debauchery of gay activists."
Leisner told the Smoking Gun that he used to preach on Christian radio and at college campuses. He admits that General Mills might be looking for him. Leisner has disabled embedding of his video but it remains on YouTube for now. The Smoking Gun has mirrored their own copy just in case.

UPDATE: I've found Leisner's profile and contact details on the website of Greater Midwest Properties. Surely by now his employers know they have an arsonist working for them, right? I'm mean, Adam Smith got fired just for what he said to a drive-thru employee.

UPDATE II: Here's a couple videos from Leisner's YouTube channel Live4Chr1st. Don't flag them, they need to be seen as shining examples of Christian Love™.

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