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Barney Frank Vs Homocons, Part 2

Metro Weekly's Justin Snow has the latest round of quotes.

Rep. Barney Frank:
"I am not surprised that members of the Log Cabin Republicans are offended by my comparing them to Uncle Tom. They are no more offended than I am by their campaigning in the name of LGBT rights to elect the candidate and party who diametrically oppose our rights against a President who has forcefully and effectively supported our rights. That is the first reason for my admittedly very harsh criticism. This election is clearly one in which there is an extremely stark contrast between the two parties on LGBT rights. The Democratic President and platform fully embrace all of the legal issues we are seeking to resolve in favor of equality. The Republican candidate for President and the platform on which he runs vehemently oppose us in all cases. On the face of this, for a group of largely LGBT people to work for our strong opponent against our greatest ally is a betrayal of any supposed commitment to our legal equality."
Log Cabin head R. Clarke Cooper:
"Congressman Frank, of all people, should understand the importance of perseverance when working within a party to achieve change - after all, it was not so long ago his party was indifferent at best when it came to respecting gay families. Leaders committed to LGBT equality know that every victory our community has achieved has required bipartisan advocacy and bipartisan votes, and winning support from Republicans will only be more important in the days ahead. Come January, Republicans will maintain a majority in the House and likely secure a majority in the Senate. Without Log Cabin Republicans working with fellow conservatives, LGBT Americans would be left without a credible voice within the GOP. Barney Frank's denial of Log Cabin Republicans success, particularly on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal and the freedom to marry in New York, is sad but unsurprising. It is time for him to pass on the baton to leaders better suited to a world where equality is not a partisan issue."
GOProud head Jimmy LaSalvia:
"I don't give two shits what that asshole thinks about GOProud. We don't represent him. We represent gay conservatives and our allies. I'll just be glad to see him out of office because his policies have hurt our country," LaSalvia told Metro Weekly, describing Frank as an "embarrassment to the gay community."
Hit the Metro Weekly link for the much longer statement by Rep. Barney Frank.

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