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New E-Book About Dan Savage

New York Times reporter Mark Oppenheimer has published a short e-book about Dan Savage.  You might recall that Oppenheimer moderated the debate between Savage and Brian Brown. From the book's Amazon description:
There are many Dan Savages: the author of the Savage Love advice column, syndicated around the country; the radio essayist beloved by This American Life fans; the author of a best-selling book about his gay marriage, and another about his son’s open adoption; the prankster who ruined Rick Santorum’s life; and the founder of the “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign. But never before have we glimpsed Savage’s whole life, from his Catholic-school days, raised by a Chicago cop and a housewife, to his current role as a unique American character. For he is unique: while there are many gay and lesbian celebrities, nearly all of them, from Ellen DeGeneres to Elton John, began their careers in the closet. Savage, on the other hand, has always been out and proud. He is thus a pivotal figure in LGBTQ history — and a fascinating man, brought vividly to life in this thrilling e-book.
The book is available now.

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