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VIRGINIA: Super-PAC Forms To Investigate Hate Group Leader Eugene Delgaudio, Files Suit For Records

Saying that they are being stonewalled by the Loudoun County board of supervisors, a group of Virginians has formed Real Advocate PAC and filed a lawsuit demanding the time-keeping records that prove hate group leader Eugene Delgaudio used public employees for his anti-gay crusades.
Elizabeth Miller, director of Real Advocate Political Action Committee, filed the request following a Washington Post article that claimed several former aides of the Republican supervisor said they believed they were tasked with unethical political duties while working for Delgaudio. “Scott York had these items for months and did nothing with them. Suddenly, when the Post reports he has them, he orders up a closed-door, underfunded investigation, and refuses to reveal what he has,” Elizabeth Miller said in a prepared statement. The Post story alleged the aides spent hours as county employees raising funds for Delgaudio’s political campaign. Loudoun County policy dictates that political activity must not occur using county property or during county paid time, according to a county spokesperson. County supervisors on Oct. 3 voted unanimously to hire an outside investigator at a price not to exceed $15,000 to look into the allegations against Delgaudio. The vote came after York, Vice-Chairman Janet Clarke and County Administrator Tim Hemstreet requested that Loudoun Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman investigate the allegations.
Real Advocate PAC writes today on their blog:
Instead of providing the records as required by law, the Republicans have circled the wagons around one of their own, issued a meaningless “order” for a sham investigation, and responded to the demand by saying that the evidence York has held for months are now “personnel” records. Or, maybe they are part of an “active investigation.” No explanation is given for how an elected official’s e-mail with citizens and calendar of events and meetings can become a personnel record, nor has the county offered anything to suggest how they could know who is supposed to be investigated or about what (indeed, the county’s last reply to RAPAC’s Miller actually says there are no documents that say anything about either subject). With the county having chosen to stand its ground, and the obviousness of a cover-up plain for all to see, Real Adovcate has today filed a petition with the Loudoun County General District Court for a writ of mandamus that will order York and the others to give up what they have, so the rest of us can see it.
Loudoun County has seven days to respond to the demand. Visit the Real Advocate PAC website and learn more. (Tipped by JMG reader Blair)

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