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Florida GOP Links Support For Teachers Union To Convicted Pedophile Sandusky

In what is perhaps the most repulsive ad we've yet seen from the Republican Party, the Florida GOP is going after a local candidate by claiming that her support for a teachers union is akin to supporting pedophilia. Josh Israel reports at Think Progress:
The mailings attack Karen Castor Dentel, an elementary school teacher in Maitland, Florida, and the Democratic challenger for the 30th District State House of Representatives seat. Because she is a member of the Florida Education Association, which opposed a 2011 bill that eliminated tenure for public-school teachers, the mailer says she would “rather protect bad teachers and the union” than “young and impressionable students.” One one side of the mailing is a picture of convicted serial child molester Jerry Sandusky — who as an assistant football coach at Penn State would not have been protected by any Florida public school teacher’s union.
The mailings were funded in part by the incoming GOP speaker of the Florida House.

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