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From The We Like Women Party

This does not appear to be a parody site.
We Like Women Pride!---> We Like Women, We Are Proud To Like Women, and If They Do Not Like Women, They Are the Enemy! (Vote for straight, heterosexual men that like women!)---->Vote for Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan for president/vice president! We Like Women likes Romney/Ryan and asks that you vote for them for President/Vice President of the United States because we feel that they will both be most likely to help pass our We Like Women Laws--->Laws that will make everyone like women better and laws that will declare that: IF THEY DO NOT LIKE WOMEN, THEY ARE THE ENEMY! Vote Republican every time you vote and always vote for candidates that are women or that are men that like women (Republican men are men that like women so vote for Republican men or Republican women!)
I guess they really like women.

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