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OMM Vs The New Normal (Again!)

"Dear Joe, If there are any Christians who continue to watch The New Normal,  then this past episode would be their last after it insulted any viewers of faith. The program has constantly ridiculed anyone who believes differently than its makers do and even mocks conservative values. It has crossed a line that no one should ever cross, and that is blasphemy of Jesus Christ. The entire previous episode showed disrespect of the Christian faith. For NBC Network to air a Christian bashing program is disgraceful. In the past episode of  The New Normal, the homosexual couple is searching for godparents for their new baby, since they are no longer spiritual themselves. Here are just a few of the direct quotes:
  • "Jesus was ripped."
  • "God has taken a divine dump on my dream."
  • "Twelve dudes sitting around gossiping and drinking wine- you call that the Last Supper- I call that a Tuesday night."
  • While looking at a painting of Mary in a cathedral, "Hi Mary. I'm a virgin too. I've also slept in a barn with three Wisemen."
  • While looking at a painting of Jesus, "Sorry, I shouldn't be talking smack about your mother, but you know who judges me- your Father."
  • "I'm gay. I lay with a man Leviticus style."
  • "Do you think the church can change?"
  • Priest says, "Contraire to popular opinion being gay isn't a sin. Church is not anti-gay. You must fight for what you believe."
  • Nine-year-old girl says, "We don't know what happens (to us) after death."
"This anti-Christian bigotry is an attack on our faith. We must take a stand for our Savior." - Monica Cole, head of One Million Moms, via press release.

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