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Protect Marriage Needs Tons Of Money To Fight Supreme Court Prop 8 Case

Saying that they are confident that the Supreme Court will hear their appeal of the overturn of Proposition 8, today Protect Marriage head Andy Pugno sent out a plea for donations. Via email:
For our team to perform at the highest level of excellence, we must be able to supply them with the resources needed to go up against the biggest, most powerful law firms in the country. Yet California's Governor and Attorney General, who have sided with our opposition against Proposition 8, have put us at a disadvantage by refusing to allow taxpayer funding for Prop 8's defense. That’s why we have no other option but to rely 100% on the voluntary financial support of friends like you in order to prevail. But here's the harsh reality: Unless friends like you jump in right away to help financially, tragically we will not have enough resources to give Proposition 8 a full defense in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Nine months ago I confided in you that it will take a final $2 million of additional funding to mount a full-fledged defense for traditional marriage through the Ninth Circuit and then on to victory in the U.S. Supreme Court. Since then, many friends like you have responded very generously. So far we've raised a sum of $907,806 toward the $2 million goal. That's just under one-half. We are grateful for those incredibly generous sacrifices to date, but as you can see we still have a long way to go. To bridge the remaining $1.1 million gap and ensure that traditional marriage is given the vigorous defense that California voters (and the entire nation) deserve, I am appealing to you for help.
Of course, if the Supreme Court declines to hear their appeal and marriage is reinstated in California, Protect Marriage will promptly return that $1.1 million bucks, right?

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