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Wingnuts Launch Impeachment Site

The anti-immigrant Americans for Legal Immigration have launched a site calling for the impeachment of President Obama. From their Facebook page:
Listen up you tyrant Obama sycophant trolls! We are going to lead a political REVOLT and backlash that will be so huge in 2014 we are going to politically wipe out the Democrats and the liberal Republicans like Bush, Rove, McCain, too! All LIBERAL Dems and Reps are going down! We are going to turn the House and Senate solid red and then impeach Obama and Biden all the way to the new Speaker of the House that is a real conservative instead of that liberal John Boehner! Then we are going to put these traitors on trial for Treason and you can listen to the testimony and learn how much we have all been betrayed by your false god Obama. Get ready, because we are coming to take America back under the political control of We The People, The Congress, and the US Constitution! We can do it and we will do it, because we are Americans that can accomplish anything we set our minds to.
That liberal John Boehner!

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