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ILLINOIS: Anti-Gay Groups Create Coalition To Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

Several prominent anti-gay groups have formed a coalition to oppose same-sex marriage in Illinois. The coalition includes the notorious Illinois Family Association, which is an SPLC-certified hate group and the former home of Peter Labarbera. Other members are the Eagle Forum, Concerned Christian Americans, Family-PAC, Catholic Citizens of Illinois, Abstinence & Marriage Partners, Thomas More Society, and Illinois Citizens For Life PAC.
Said Penny Pullen, former state legislator and President of Eagle Forum of Illinois, "As foundational as the family is to our society and especially to the well-being of children, it would be both wrong and dangerous for our state to interfere with the family for the sake of a social experiment whose results we cannot know for decades. The risk to future generations is too high to take this chance."

Mary Anne Hackett, President of Catholic Citizens of Illinois stated, "Only a marriage of heterosexual persons can produce children and secure the future of society. The protection of the lives and development of children must take priority over the personal gratification of even one single adult. The definition of natural marriage must be between one man and one woman, unchanged by whims and claims of equality."
They are calling themselves "The Coalition To Protect Children & Marriage."

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