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Senate Passes Defense Funding Bill Without Anti-Gay Provisions

Yesterday the Senate approved its Defense Department funding authorization bill without the amendments inserted by anti-gay GOP members of the House. Servicemembers Legal Defense Network recaps those House amendments:
The House passed its version of the NDAA on May 18 and included two harmful amendments put forth by opponents of LGBT military equality. The first would give so-called "conscience protections" to chaplains and all other service members who do not wish to minister and work with gay and lesbian service members. A threat to military readiness and unit cohesion, this amendment would allow service members to actively harass their fellow comrades for their perceived or actual sexual orientation. It would also give chaplains free rein to discriminate against service members on any basis (including religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other characteristic) simply by arguing that ministering to them would be contrary to their "conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs."  A second provision in the House version of the bill would prohibit the use of Department of Defense property for same-gender marriage ceremonies.
SLDN notes that the Senate's version of the bill passed unanimously. They praise the Senate for "not including the harmful language" approved by the House.

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