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The Bulletproof Backpack

John Aravosis notes that you can also get the Disney Princess and Avengers versions. One website is actually selling them as the "Amendment II Ballistic Backpack."
Our ballistic backpack provides built-in ballistic protection in a backpack that weighs just ounces more than a non-armored backpack. RynoHide carbon nanotube armor is lined in the back panel of the backpack. Sewn into the rear of the pack, you can always be confident that the armor hasn’t been accidentally left at home and that you or your child are protected in case of the unthinkable. The backpack can be quickly brought to the front as a shield or can serve as center of mass protection while fleeing the scene of the shooting. Available in boys, girls, or teen/adult models and Level II (.357 Magnum, .45, .40, 9 mm) or Level IIIA (.44 Magnum, .357 SIG and below) protection.
They sell for $300 and are reportedly flying off the shelves since Friday.

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