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Wingnuts Turn On Ann Coulter

As the right-wing factions of the GOP continue to eat their own, this week they turned on Ann Coulter after she announced on Fox News that Republicans should work with Obama on tax hikes for the wealthy. Breitbart is furious:
According to Coulter, it is more important now, for PR purposes, to cave on this fundamental principle, lest the media blame Republicans for the pending fiscal cliff disaster. She doesn't seem concerned about the PR disaster that will ensue within the fractious Republican Party. Toward the end of the verbal ping-pong match, and exasperated Hannity said to Coulter, "You are scaring me. You are giving in to this narrative." It's hard to disagree with him, on both counts. As Andrew Breitbart warned, the rhetoric of Occupy has clearly become part of the mainstream political debate, even sucking in some conservatives.
The comments at the link are hilarious.

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