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Email Of The Day - Eugene Delgaudio

"Dear Joe, The Homosexual Lobby is already preparing for the next phase of their assault. Desperate to consolidate power as quickly as they can, the Homosexual Lobby has called in favors owed them by the Democratic Caucus in the Senate. And they got their request. Senator Tammy Baldwin is being placed on key Senate Committees in order to ensure the advance of the Homosexual Agenda. Public Advocate recently caused some controversy by shining a spotlight on Baldwin and her long track record of radical homosexual policies.

"This track record includes: - Introducing the Offense of Marriage Act to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and force homosexual 'marriage' on all fifty states. - Supporting the Thought Control Act, which has been used to punish innocent Americans who dare to 'disagree' with the Homosexual Agenda. - Sponsoring the Gay Bill of Special Rights which if passed would create privileged employment 'rights' for homosexuals and transsexuals. - Supporting the Homosexual Lobby’s attempt earlier this year to use the Violence Against Women Act for their own agenda. - Acting as the 'lead sponsor' of the Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I shudder to think what Baldwin plans to do in the future." - Hate group leader Eugene Delgaudio, in today's money beg to stop Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

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