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Email Of The Day - Eugene Delgaudio

"Dear Joe, I've just come from a meeting with top Washington leaders, and I had to contact you right away. Most conservative leaders feel beaten and run over by the Homosexual Lobby's recent gains. Many are in shock. But I am resolved to climb back from defeat. Even though the first term of Barack Obama's reign gave the Homosexual Lobby both Thought Control AND the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, it just isn't enough for the Homosexual Lobby. The Homosexual Lobby will always lust for more power. Now the Homosexual Lobby is executing a full-scale covert operation designed to tighten their grip on Washington, D.C. and lock down America's submission.

"And while my warnings regarding the Homosexual Lobby's unquenchable thirst for power have been proven right, the news media focuses their attacks on me instead. Even the Weather Channel has attacked Public Advocate. And while the media turns a blind-eye, the Homosexual Lobby has devised a new secretive program to take over both national political parties. Only you and I can shine a spotlight on their dastardly plans, but I need your help today to succeed. Will you please contribute right now to fund the mail, telephone operations and internet campaigns needed to expose their covert operation?" - Eugene Delgaudio, in his latest money beg, which goes on and on and on.  Also, the Weather Channel?

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