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Eugene Delgaudio Linked To Gun Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center has subpoenaed a notorious Colorado gun rights group in their copyright lawsuit against Virginia hate group leader Eugene Delgaudio, who is accused of illegally using the wedding photograph of a gay couple in an anti-gay flyer campaign.
Court records connect Dudley Brown, a Windsor Republican, to the "preparation" of the mailers, which targeted state Senate candidate Jean White and state House candidate Jeff Hare. Both lost their GOP primaries. The mailers included the same copyrighted photograph of the gay couple, but with altered backgrounds. The New Jersey couple and their photographer have sued the Virginia firm that sent the mailers.

Brown, his gun ally Luke O'Dell, and their two gun organizations, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and National Association for Gun Rights, are fighting the subpoena. It seeks a variety of documents — including but not limited to contracts, letters, handwritten notes, expense reports, computer documents and telephone logs — from Brown and O'Dell, and volunteers, directors, attorneys and employees of the gun groups. The documents concern not just the mailers but the 2012 state GOP primary.
Delgaudio has named Brown as a potential defense witness in the suit.

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