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FRC Prays Against Everything

From yesterday's Family Research Council "prayer targets."

First, the gays: May God's people arise to pray and effectively withstand government persecution over Biblical beliefs about homosexuality! (Mt 5:11-12; Rom 1:32; 2 Tim 3:12-14; 2 Peter 2:1-19; Jude 7)

Then the Obama cabinet: May God bring every relevant fact to light in the Senate confirmation hearings. May His will be done in the Senate votes for Hagel, John Kerry (Secretary of State), John Brennan (CIA Director) and Jack Lew (Treasury Secretary) (Gen 12:1-3; Pr 18:17; 28:4; 29:6-7; Zech 12:1-3, 9; Eph 5:11-13). 

And, of course, Obamacare: May Obamacare be overturned and may our government be required to respect religious liberty and all other God-given, constitutionally guaranteed liberties! (Lev 25:10; Dt 26:6-9; Pr 28:4; Is 10:1; Dan 3:14-18; 6:10; Acts 5:29) 

(Via Right Wing Watch)

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