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Linda Harvey Has The Boy Scouts Sadz

"Will two 13-year-old boys in a troop who 'like' each other be allowed to hold hands at meetings? To sleep in adjacent sleeping bags at a camp out? And then, what happens when inevitably some newly empowered homosexually declared youth puts the moves on a boy who finds it disgusting? Fights? Division, as friends take sides? Of course! These are boys. Unlike school, that boy and his parents have the option to leave. But he may still have to encounter these same abusive kids at school. It’s not a fun thing to be labeled a 'hate-filled bigot' or whatever new iteration of tradition-bashing is rolled out. Institutionalized intimidation and bullying, all in the name of sodomy, will be even more damaging than it currently is in the military. Once again, children are sacrificed on the altar of progressive values." - Hate group leader Linda Harvey, writing for World Net Daily.

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