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Syndicator Drops Maggie Gallagher's National Opinion Column

Universal Uclick has announced the "retirement" of Maggie Gallagher's nationally syndicated column.
Gallagher has been a nationally syndicated columnist for over 17 years; Universal Uclick launched her first column in June of 1995. She began publishing a column twice a week, but for the last three years has written a column once a week. Maggie is particularly known for writing about life, sex, babies, marriage, and culture--culture war topics but with a civility and grace that seeks to explain, not denounce. Universal picked up Maggieʼs column after she spent a year as a columnist (alternating with Rich Vigilante) for the now-defunct Manhattan edition of New York Newsday.
Maggie Gallagher reacts:
“When I first began this wonderful journey as a syndicated columnist, Sydney Callahan wrote to me to say, ʻThis wonʼt be forever, at some point you will start writing columns about your kittens, and you know it will be time to stop,” said Gallagher. “I havenʼt yet reached the kitten-inspiration point, but I felt it was time to end on a high note -- in particular to give myself time to write in longer format, to experiment with creative projects, and to use new media to reach my audience on a personal basis."
Universal Uclick formed in 2009 after the merger of the Universal Press Syndicate and Uclick. (Tipped by JMG reader Christopher)

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