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Brian Brown: HRC Stole My Logo!

"Because I designed NOM's logo personally, I find this to be an insulting mockery, as well as very ironic: you see, I created this image to reflect the difference between men and women symbolically. The red ring represents men and the blue represents, women. The intertwining of the rings is meant to show that marriage is the unique union of both a woman and a man coming together in committed love. As for what it means for HRC, though, I can't imagine. Maybe, as with the former First Lady's views on marriage, HRC simply didn't bother looking into the background and meaning of an image before appropriating it as part of their latest misinformation campaign." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, who stole an Obama rally photo and pretended it was NOM rally, who stole my original video from my YouTube channel and posted it to their own, and who stole a photo from the 1963 March On Washington to use in their artwork to promote their hate march on the Supreme Court.

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