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HAWAII: GOP State Senator Concedes That Marriage Bill Will Probably Pass

Hawaii GOP state Sen. Sam Slom, who opposes marriage equality, today conceded that it's probably a waste of time to fight the pending bill.
"Same sex marriage probably will pass this year. You've got a preponderance of Democrats who support it in both Houses, you've got the Congressional delegation, you've got our Governor!" said Senator Slom. And you've got women like Renea Stewart and Lisa Veneri who've been together for 19 years, and want just one thing. "The same rights that everyone else is afforded," said Veneri. "I mean we go to work, we pay our taxes, we have a mortgage." "Yeah, we're just your normal everyday couple. We just happen to be born gay," said Stewart. Senator Slom says he's voting against the bill because he questions whether it will truly protect the rights of religious organizations who do not want to perform or recognize same-sex marriages. "To me, I don't care if gay people want to get married but to force other people to do things or to subsidize certain activities-- that I oppose," said Senator Slom. "Whether you're for it or against it, if you live in this country you're afforded life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and you should have your rights-- and marriage being one of them," said Stewart.
The bill is due to be heard by the state Senate Judiciary Committee, but no date for its consideration has yet been scheduled.

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