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Illinois Senate Quote Of The Day

"To redefine marriage is discriminatory towards those who hold the sincerely held religious belief that it is a sacred institution between a man & a woman." - Illinois GOP state Sen. Kyle McCarter, posting on his Facebook page after his long, rambling denouncement of same-sex marriage on the chamber floor.

McCarter's Wikipedia entry notes that he and his wife are supporters of Mercy Ministries, the "ex-gay" child torture clinic for girls that was forced to shut down in Australia due to grotesque abuses of patients.
Mercy Ministries became embroiled in a national controversy when three girls who had gone through the program, including two on the Sunshine Coast, went public with their claims of mistreatment. They alleged the six-month programs left them suicidal due to the “emotionally cruel and medically unproven techniques”, such as exorcisms and “separation contracts” between friends. Last month, the Democrats called on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to investigate the group, alleging it had misled young women by making them think they would receive free treatment.
UPDATE: JMG reader Mark points out this message on the Mercy Ministries website:
The McCarter’s have two sons of their own and an abundance of spiritual daughters at Mercy Ministries. The McCarter’s know all to well the issues young girls face as their daughter, Amber, died tragically in 2006 from an accidental drug overdose at the age of 21. Mercy Ministries has over 700 girls currently in the application process, and the McCarters have taken a stand and agreed to do their part in making sure young women get the help they need before it’s too late.
That leads us to this reader comment on, which reported on the girl's death.
[P]eople should know the real cause of this girls death and it wasnt anything recent. The cause of her death was started when she was just a teen still in high school seeking the attention and love of her parents, instead of love she got Christian Right bullshit and was shipped off to a boarding school known for brainwashing and physical abuse simply because her parents found out she was having sex at the time.
There's no indication that the McCarters sent their daughter to Mercy Ministries, but that might explain why they are supporters today.

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