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Michael Brown: The Gays Have Won

"I’m not in the least bit surprised by the victories of the 'gay revolution.' In fact, when I first became involved in this specific aspect of the 'culture wars' less than 9 years ago, I saw back then that our side had already lost the battle and that gay activism had won the day. So, these recent developments don’t faze or surprise me in the least. From day one, my trust was in God, not people, and that’s where my trust remains. Attempts to redefine marriage and family and to normalize different sexual orientations may have their day, but that day will pass. In the end, I can truly thank gay activists for helping us understand their world better – including the pain of bullying and the unique struggles they have endured – and for that, I am grateful. And I can admire their zeal and courage, even while differing with their goals. But just as they didn’t throw in the towel when they were a tiny, vilified, minority, much less we will throw in the towel when their revolution seems to be winning the day. This too shall pass." - Anti-gay activist Michael Brown, who says he's still going to fight against gay rights even though he knows we've already won.

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