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Satan Loves Spencer Gifts

The latest from One Million Moms:
Dear Joe,  Spencer Gifts in malls across the country sell more than gag gifts. Their stores are full of adult games and toys, soft porn to pornographic material, crude greeting cards, and items with foul language on them in plain view. Currently, the huge window displays for Spencer Gifts are pornographic and satanic. It is scary to know that they are pulling in tons of teens, and not by selling mood rings and lava lamps. The store has a dark atmosphere, and influencing teens negatively.

The main poster is of a woman wearing a G-string while falling out of her corset. The second poster is almost as revealing and has a male with satanic characteristics gazing upon her. This display is degrading to women, harmful to young impressionable women, and dangerous to boys and men alike by encouraging temptation. It doesn't do much good to complain to store managers  Please send an email letter to Spencer's corporate office explaining that because of their storefront window displays, your family will no longer visit the mall.
Monica Cole goes on to demand that Spencer Gifts ban shoppers under 18 and ask for a photo ID from customers entering the store. She also wants all Spencer outlets to relocate to free-standing buildings so people don't accidentally walk past their window displays in the mall.

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