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FOTF Attacks Pediatrics Group

Focus On The Family is attacking the American Academy of Pediatrics, which today issued a statement in support of same-sex marriage and gay adoption. From the Focus blog Citizen Link:
This announcement is not science, but propaganda rooted in social activism regarding the family, which is the foundational unit of humanity. That such a credentialed and well-known organization would play politics with this issue should grieve all of those who are committed to the integrity of science when it comes to the future of our children. Their well-being and health is far too important an issue to play politics with, especially of such a radical nature. The AAP would be well-advised to stick to what the reliable and time-tested body of research tells us about what kinds of families promote the robust array of child-health: a family where children are raised by their mother and father who are in the midst of a healthy marriage.

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