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Gary Bauer: Mitt Romney Only Won NC Because Of The Anti-Gay Marriage Ads

Former FRC president and 2000 GOP presidential candidate Gary Bauer filled in for Tony Perkins on the radio yesterday to say this about Mitt Romney:
The people of North Carolina took another look at Barack Obama and decided, ‘Hey, we made a mistake four years ago,’ and this time around they voted differently. I’d like to think at least in part that happened in North Carolina because of some ads that I and other groups ran in that state on the marriage issue, reminding the voters of North Carolina who had just voted just a little over a year ago to keep marriage between a man and a woman, that President Obama had come out right after that vote and had endorsed same-sex marriage. I believe the only reason that Gov. Romney won North Carolina was because the voters of that state were reminded of that issue, so it’s a lesson I think for the Republican Party.
Right Wing Watch reminds us how bad Bauer's ad was.

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