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AUSTRALIA: Christian Group Wants To Ban Pro-LGBT Outdoor Advertising

The Australian Christian Lobby has launched a drive against billboards that target the LGBT market which they claim furthers the "sexualization of children."
A letter tabled in Parliament on April 3 by Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie stated that he had become aware of concerns expressed by the community about outdoor advertising and caused him to question “the appropriateness of the current model” of quality control. Bleijie was responding to a petition started by the Queensland head of the ACL, Wendy Francis, who is well-known to the LGBTI community for her views on homosexuality. Recently, Francis has been a central figure in a number of high-profile cases regarding G-rated regulation of outdoor advertising, most notably the 2011 ‘Rip & Roll’ posters from the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities.
Here's the ACL's clip which launched the campaign.

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