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Gay Nightclub Sued By Two Women Who Claim They Were Raped By Staffers

Popular West Hollywood gay nightclub The Abbey is being sued by two women who claim that they were drugged and raped by club staffers.
According to the lawsuit a gay woman who says she had never had sexual relations with a man was at The Abbey with her girlfriend in November, 2011. She says she and her girlfriend had a fight, which upset the alleged victim. She ordered a drink at the bar and claims it was laced with a date rape drug. The woman then claims she became impaired and a busboy allegedly took her outside and raped her. Another woman -- who is straight -- claims she went to The Abbey in April, 2011, and was served a drink that was also allegedly laced with a date rape drug. She alleges an undocumented worker at The Abbey then took her across the street to his car and raped her.
The owners of The Abbey have declined comment. The two women are each seeking $10M in damages.

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