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More From Perkins On JCP

"Plenty of companies have argued that natural marriage is 'bad for business' --but they'll have a tough time persuading J.C. Penney.  It started in 2011 when the company hired Ellen DeGeneres, a vocal proponent of same-sex 'marriage' as its spokesperson. The choice drew fire from organizations like the American Family Association (AFA) because it was a departure from the store's longstanding values. Then, on Mothers' Day, the company shocked customers with a blatant endorsement of homosexuality in an ad that featured two moms--followed by a two-dads ad for Fathers' Day. J.C. Penney's freefall should serve as a warning to other companies who are itching to jump on the same-sex bandwagon. Pandering to those who want to redefine marriage (and the rest of society with it) may earn you a pat on the back from the Human Rights Campaign, but in the long term, it's bad policy. Americans want corporate neutrality in the culture wars, and when they don't find it, they'll go elsewhere." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, champion of Chick-Fil-A's "corporate neutrality," via email.

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