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Petition Of The Day

Via press release:
A new “Oppose hate in the classroom” bill was introduced on Tuesday in Alabama to remove a requirement that sexual education teachers tell students that being gay is “a criminal offense” and “not an acceptable lifestyle to the general public.” All Out, the global movement for lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) equality, along with Advocates for Youth and AIDS Alabama, has launched a petition to call on Alabama lawmakers to swiftly pass the bill and stop lying to young people.

“Right now, Alabama is forcing teachers to lie to students and tell them that it’s illegal to be gay. This despicable mis-education must be repealed without delay,” said Andre Banks, Executive Director and Co-founder of All Out. “All around the world young people face stigma, shame and bullying at school because they are lesbian, gay, bi, trans -- or even just questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity. Alabama needs to move out of the dark ages and make it legal for teachers to spread the facts about sexuality rather than damaging propaganda.”
The petition is here. The text of the bill is here.

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