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Quinn: Stop That Lying Ad About Me

Yesterday I reported that the first attack ad of the NYC mayoral race had been launched against City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, whose attorney is now demanding that Time Warner cease airing the ad because it is allegedly false.
“Although opponents of a candidate often resort to fanciful broadsides (as with the cigar smoke permeating this ad), facts must not be fabricated or distorted. In addition to the funders of the ad, broadcasters have a responsibility to ensure accuracy and fairness,” Quinn’s attorney wrote, in the letter to Time Warner. He added: “Your station need not air the subject ad. If you choose to do so, however your station bears responsibility for its content.” “You’re not allowed to just put up false ads that have incorrect information about candidates,” Quinn told NY1. “That’s simply not what you’re allowed to do in an election context, and we’re making that clear to the news media out there. It’s also just wrong for there to be anonymous ads out there. They have no place in our system.”
Time Warner says that the ad is under review and that they've asked its makers to provide substantiation of its claims. Here's the clip once again.

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