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Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli Asked: Have You Or Your Staffers Committed Sodomy?

This week Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed yet another federal appeal in support of his state's ban on sodomy.  But his campaign won't respond to a Mother Jones inquiry as to whether Cucinnelli or his staffers have ever committed sodomy themselves.
Cuccinelli, who is running to be Virginia's next governor, recently petitioned a federal court to reverse its ruling that the state's archaic "Crimes Against Nature" law is unconstitutional. That statute outlaws oral and anal sex between consenting adults—gay or straight, married or single—making such "carnal" acts a felony. The law is unconstitutional because of the Supreme Court's ruling in Lawrence v. Texas, which invalidated such "anti-sodomy laws" across the country. [snip] But what about Cuccinelli and his aides? Mother Jones asked his campaign if Cuccinelli or anyone working for his campaign had ever engaged in any of the prohibited conduct and whether Cuccinelli would fire any campaign staff who had done so. We have received no response. But if Cuccinelli's campaign is being run by criminals against nature, don't the voters have a right to know?
Mother Jones provides the below handy chart.

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