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Chicago Transit Bans Political Ads

As Pam Geller continues a court battle with the city of Detroit, Chicago's transit authority has banned all political advertising. Geller's transit ads have faced legal challenges almost everywhere they have appeared.
The CTA said in a statement it allows ads as a way to raise money — not as a way to get a political message out. “CTA buses and trains are not public forums for debate," said CTA President Forrest Claypool. "These guidelines make clear the purpose advertising has for the CTA and defines more precisely what is acceptable advertising on our system and what is not.”  The Chicago Transit Board voted to only allow ads in three categories: commercial and promotional; government; and public service announcements. Those PSAs will be limited to non-profits with messages related to health, welfare and education. As opposed to a public space such as a park, where people can choose to walk away from something they think is offensive, "if there's a form of advertising on our trains or buses, that's a captive audience," said CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase.
Chicago's new rules also ban ads for movies, television, and violent video games. In the Detroit case, Geller is denying that her anti-Islam message is political and is instead designed "to save lives."  Hit the first link and read her raging account of yesterday's development. (Tipped by JMG reader Mel)

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