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GHANA: Four Die In Church Stampede For Holy Water From "AIDS Cure" Preacher

Four people in Ghana were crushed to death in a church stampede to get "holy water" from evangelist TB Joshua, who claims to be able to heal AIDS via prayers and encourages HIV+ followers to stop taking their medications.
Thousands of people flocked to the evangelical church for "holy water", which they believed had healing powers, leading to the crush. "All of us were caught by surprise. No-one knew the crowd will be so huge," said police spokesman Freeman Tetteh. The church is run by prominent Nigerian preacher TB Joshua. He is one of the wealthiest and most popular evangelical clerics in Africa and his Synagogue Church of All Nations claims it can perform miracles, such as curing blindness.
Joshua also claims to have prophesied the Boston bombings and the outcomes of high-profile soccer matches. Last year thousands of his followers abandoned Facebook because of a rumor that he had prophesied that those with accounts would become "infested by demons." Joshua then issued a statement blaming the rumor on Satan.  Below is one of the many "AIDS cure testimonies" on his ministry's official YouTube channel.

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