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Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Shame On New York City If They Elect Anthony Weiner

Well, Gov. Cuomo has certainly never been one to mince his words in the past.
Today, in an editorial board meeting with Cuomo and The Post-Standard and Syracuse Media Group, the governor was asked whether he thought the New York State Legislature should limit how long legislative leaders, like the Assembly speaker, should serve. Cuomo repeated a version of his opinion on term limits: he believe elections are the way to limit political service. The conversation continued between Cuomo and Stephen A. Rogers, chairman of Syracuse Media Group: Cuomo: "It's basically democracy. Those are grownups (in the Assembly) who are picking, who pick their leader." Rogers: "So if Anthony Weiner wants to run for mayor, he can run for mayor." Cuomo: "He runs? He runs." Rogers: "And if we elect him?" Cuomo: "Shame on us."
UPDATE: Closeted homosexual Matt Drudge is loving this.

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