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Wingnuts Issue Pop Music Blacklist

The wingnuts over at Townhall have issued a "blacklist" of artists that God-fearing patriots should refuse to support.  
When it comes to musicians who attack conservatives, Christians, Republicans, America -- or alternately, embrace the Left, don't give them your money. Don't buy their albums or their T-shirts and don’t go to their shows. Even if you do like their music, don't pay for it and don't talk it up publicly. Fans are oxygen for these people -- starve them of it and let other musicians start to worry about the reaction if they go after us.

That's not unfair; it's just restoring balance. People who rely on the goodwill of the general public shouldn't be trashing the people who pay their bills. Artists should be flattered, not outraged when Republican politicians want to use their songs. Conservatives in the music industry shouldn't be cowed into silence by threats and abuse while liberal musicians smear the conservatives, Christians, Republicans and patriots who buy their records with no repercussions.
On the list: Madonna, Moby, Bette Midler, Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen, Psy, Sheryl Crow, Rage Against The Machine, Barbra Streisand, and Kanye West.

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