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Quote Of The Day - Robert Mugabe

"We do not have a culture of men marrying men or women marrying women. We cannot accept it, no, no, no. These things are taboo in our society. Some rape minors they are entrusted with in a short space of time, maybe it is for juju. We regret this is happening, big men do it. What is getting into our society?  After the polls, we will strengthen the law and make it really punitive and bitterly punishable for such people. At the moment, they get something like three months’ imprisonment. They should rot in jail. We want a nation guided by strong values, we cannot give up our values for money. I am glad in the Catholic Church there is stiff resistance to homosexuality, unlike in the Anglicans in Britain where the church accepts it." - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, promising to worsen penalties for homosexuality in a speech made at a Catholic-run college graduation ceremony.

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