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Brian Brown: Please Send Us More Money For Our Doomed And "Moot" Campaign

"Let's face it: Anthony Kennedy and his activist cronies on the Supreme Court are itching to redefine marriage and impose same-sex 'marriage' on an unwilling nation. Justice Scalia has warned us clearly in his dissent that the only thing that will stop Kennedy and crew is their own sense of what they can get away with. The most direct and effective way of ensuring that gay 'marriage' is not inserted into the US Constitution by an activist majority on the Supreme Court is to amend the Constitution itself to preserve marriage. That's just what we're determined to do!

"We're under no illusions about how difficult it will be to pass a constitutional amendment, but we've faced tough battles before - and prevailed. We passed Proposition 8 in California, when everyone said it would be impossible! It was only through judicial and political corruption that politicians like Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris were able to abandon the voters, and a single homosexual judge was allowed to invalidate it. It's imperative that no other state have to go through what Californians have suffered. We're demanding that the Huelskamp marriage protection amendment come before the full House of Representatives for a vote.

"We're going to need millions of dollars to effectively push for a constitutional amendment. That's what it will cost to hire trained lobbyists, mount new grassroots efforts, organize rallies and events and deploy effective communications efforts. It's only if thousands of marriage supporters like you stand up and give generously that we can be successful." - Hate group leader Brian Brown, still silent about his own board member, Orson Scott Card, calling NOM's battle "moot." (Via email)

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