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CHILE: Teenager To Lose Leg After Brutal Gay-Bashing By Machete-Wielding Thugs

A 19 year-old Chilean teenager will have his leg amputated after a brutal homophobic attack by six thugs. Gay Star News reports:
Esteban Navarro, 19, is struggling to stay alive in hospital as he recovers from the multiple injuries he suffered from the savage attack. On 23 June, he was jumped on by a group of six holding knives, iron bars and machetes in Peñalolen. According to reports, they repeatedly called Navarro a ‘maricón’, or a faggot. With his foot already amputated, the full leg surgery will take 15 days. A spokesman for Navarro’s family said they were ‘very sad and concerned’, according to local media. ‘We hope the courts will punish those responsible with the full extent of the law,’ they said. ‘Esteban’s life has changed dramatically.’
Last year Chile passed a hate crimes bill that includes protections for LGBT people.

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