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HomoQuotable - Nancy Goldstein

"So who on earth does the IOC, or Putin for that matter, think they're kidding with their 'assurances'? Can they really be so entirely naïve or so thoroughly cynical that they don't think non-Russian LGBT people or our allies care about what's been happening to our Russian counterparts in the wake of Putin's edicts so long as our own skins are safe? That we'll just happily ignore last week's news of skinheads luring gay teenagers with an online dating scam, then taping the sessions where they torture them so long as no one blocks our view of the figure skating events? That we can't recognize Third Reich-style politics or bureaucratic complacency? That, per the IOC, 'it remains to be seen whether and how' the recently-passed legislation 'will be implemented'? Gentlemen, guess again." - Nancy Goldstein, writing for the Guardian.

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