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ISRAEL: Shooter At LGBT Youth Club Driven By "Biblical Edict Against Gays"

The complicated case of the 2009 mass shooting at a Tel Aviv LGBT youth club took another turn today thanks to an undercover officer planted in the accused killer's jail cell. 
“[Hagai] Felician, motivated by feelings of anger and revenge, killed and tried to kill innocent young people… solely because they happened to be at the Bar Noar club,” read the indictment, filed by the Tel Aviv district prosecution. “This despicable and criminal act caused the death of two people as well as grave damage to the minds and bodies of everyone who was in the club on the night of the murder.”  After a state informant turned him in, Felician confessed his actions to an undercover officer planted in his jail cell. According to the indictment, Felician also told the undercover officer he had carried out the shooting “because of the biblical edict to attack homosexuals.” “You have everything on me, you can give yourself a pat on the back,” Felician reportedly told investigators after he realized he had spilled the beans.
Felician, who was indicted today on charges of murder and attempted murder, allegedly went to the club that night to kill its founder, whom he had been told had molested his then 15 year-old cousin. Not finding his target on the premises, Felician reportedly emptied his gun on those in the room, killing two and injuring eleven. According to today's report, hate crime embellishments will now be added to the charges. The 2009 attack resulted in one of the largest and most expensive manhunts in Israeli history. (Tipped by JMG reader Eric)

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