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NOM: Orson Scott Card Has Been Blacklisted By Hollywood! (But We Won't Mention Him Saying Our Entire Campaign Of Hatred Is Now "Moot")

NOM still hasn't responded to Orson Scott Card saying that marriage equality in all 50 states is inevitable and that the issue is now "moot." But just now they did tweet a link to a story whining that Card has been blacklisted by Hollywood.
You’re a best-selling author. Your beloved sci-fi novel that’s been a fan favorite for decades is about to come to the silver screen. You can expect more fame, adulation, money, right? Wait just a second! You dared to speak out against gay marriage? Welcome to the new blacklist. It would be a sight to see if liberals practiced the tolerance they’re preaching when it comes to Christians, but maybe they forgot what happened the last time they proposed a blacklisting something because of pro-traditional-marriage views. Chances are, boycott or no boycott, sci-fi fans will still queue up at the theater to enjoy “Ender’s Game” this November.
Oh, look! That link goes to a crackpot site that uses Disqus. You know what to do.

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