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REPORT: Russian Skinheads Use Social Media To Lure And Torture LGBT Teens

From the Spectrum Human Rights Alliance, which advocates for LGBT rights in Eastern Europe, comes a horrifying report:
Infamous Russian ultranationalist and former skin head, Maxim Martsinkevich, known under the nickname "Cleaver" (or "Tesak" in Russian) spearheaded a country wide campaign against LGBT teens using a popular social network to lure unsuspected victims through personal ads. Mr. Martsinkevich's numerous and enthusiastic followers started two projects: "Occupy Pedophilyaj" and "Occupy Gerontilyaj". Allegedly they are trying to identify and report pedophiles using these "movements".

In reality, over 500 online groups have been created inside social network in order to organize illegal militant groups in every Russian city. Oddly enough their idea of fighting pedophiles targets exclusively male teenagers who respond to the same-sex personal ads and show up for a date. Captured victims are bullied and often tortured while being recorded on video. These self-proclaimed "crime fighters" perform their actions under the broad day light, often outside and clearly visible to general public that indifferently passes by or even commend them.
Spectrum notes that videos of the victims are widely circulated in order to out the teens to their parents and classmates.  Some suicides have reportedly resulted.  The owner of, Pavel Durov, lives in the United States.

VIDEO: Spectrum has posted the below video of a gay Moscow teen being "bullied, tortured, and sprayed with urine in broad daylight." You may not want to watch this.

(Via Instinct Magazine)

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