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WISCONSIN: Accused Ex-Priest Asks Milwaukee Archdiocese For Back Pay

A former Catholic priest who was accused of child molestation is demanding back pay from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
Marvin Knighton was charged with child sexual abuse in 2002 but acquitted by a jury the next year. The church still removed him from the priesthood, however, saying its investigation found two allegations against him had merit. Knighton steadfastly fought his dismissal and has put in a claim for $450,000 for back pay from the archdiocese in federal bankruptcy court. A church bankruptcy expert said while the claim is not unique, it is highly unusual. Knighton's victims called it "disturbing" and "grossly inappropriate." "That money should be going to survivors, not child molesters," said Thomas C. Bersch Jr., who said he was abused by Knighton in the 1970s.
RELATED: The Archdiocese filed for bankruptcy in 2011 several years after then Archbishop Timothy Dolan transferred $57M into a cemetery fund, a move some say was made in order to avoid paying child abuse settlements.

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