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Anti-Gay Group Sues DOJ Over Cost Of "Government-Funded Gay Pride Events"

The anti-gay Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom Of Information lawsuit against the Department Of Justice, demanding to know how much the DOJ paid Melissa Etheridge to appear at a June gay pride-related event attended by hundreds of DOJ lawyers.  Here's their press release:
Judicial Watch has sued the United States Department of Justice for refusing to turn over information related to the Lavender Law society, a group of gay and transgender Justice Department lawyers. PJ Media reported on “Gay Day at DOJ” in June 2013 when the Justice Department brought singer and “human rights activist” Melissa Etheridge to hold a concert at the Great Hall at the Justice Department building in Washington. Such an event certainly cost the American taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, even though only a few hundred DOJ lawyers were in attendance.

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