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Dems Fire Back At GOP Resolution

Earlier today the Republican National Committee approved a resolution calling for GOP presidential candidates to boycott CNN and NBC in 2016 because both networks are working on documentaries about Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats have fired back:
“After last year’s electoral losses, the RNC pledged to do a better job reaching out to the voters they had systematically alienated – like women, African Americans, LGBT Americans, Hispanics, and more. But instead of modifying their policies to actually present smart solutions for middle class families, the only thing the GOP can unite behind is a plan to continue to limit the audiences—and voters—to whom they will communicate.

"Now with reports that they are looking to have Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin moderate their debates, it raises questions about whether the RNC will ever be serious about outreach, or if they will continue to speak to -- and for -- the fringes of their party.

"It seems that Republicans don't get it. If they truly want to connect with a broader audience, they need an agenda that fights for the middle class and is inclusive. Sadly, it appears that with today's vote, their approach is to actually speak to even fewer voters. While the Republican Party and the RNC continue to have side-show debates, Democrats will continue to fight for a better bargain for middle class Americans.”

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