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Email Of The Day - Eugene Delgaudio

"Dear Joe, This is an urgent update. The so-called 'Employment Non-Discrimination Act' (S. 815) -- better known as the Gay Bill of Special Rights -- is poised for a vote on the Senate floor when their session begins in the coming days. The only thing standing in the way of a vote on the Senate floor is Harry Reid, a known ally of the radical Homosexual Lobby. That's why your Public Advocate has been working overtime for weeks creating a grassroots campaign, gathering petitions and turning up the heat on Congress. Our program is so effective that I've gotten multiple calls from senators begging us to call off our supporters. But I refuse to back down while our values are still under attack. Unfortunately, Public Advocate is facing skyrocketing operating costs due to these vital programs. So please chip in $10 or $20 to help fund Public Advocate's ongoing fight defending our First Amendment religious freedoms. Thank you for your continued support of our pro-Family efforts." - Crackpot Eugene Delgaudio, who is now signing his emails as "Hon. Eugene Delgaudio."

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